The Dirty Boogie Orchestra feat. The Hound Dogs

A selection of  audiophile samples of our BigBand Show with big orchestra exemplify the powerhouse abilities of Dirty Boogie Horns...

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Promotion in Retro-Style

Dirty Boogie

They're shakin' their hips and scream and shout .... And doin' things I can't even talk about. That was our mission underlining the "RockThisTownDirtyBoogie - Tour". It was also the title song of the third Setzer album. A classic and benchmark.

You're the Boss

Originally the duo Elvis Presley and Ann-Margret, then Brian Setzer and Gwen Stefanie. Today, here and now, Joachim Villwock and Nuwanda ... there is no way around it:

When it comes to kissin ... Oh Daddy, you are the king

Gettin' in the Mood

No longer only a Glenn Millers megahit. Only a musical scholar would care about the original text being written by Andriamanantena Paul Razafinkarefo. Today we are grooving as our featured trumpets accentuate the flow.

This Cat Is On A Hot Tin Roof

The essential message is simple: This cat's on a hot tin roof | Drinkin' that whiskey, 96 proof | Don't need no doctor, don't feel no pain | My legs are just two steps ahead of my brain. Rock 'n' roll at its best!

Switchblade 327

Here is to going all-out! Joachim blasting 327 bpm ... this time without the horns...Try and catch him, if you can!

Take A Chance On Love

Final track of this Hound Dogs CD "cross the line" - an ultimate Setzer song without a big orchestra... My lucky thirteen black cat bones ...

Thats Alright

This should never be missing in a cult hodgepodge of rock´n´roll classics! Elvis' first Song, produced in the legendary Sun-Studios...An integral part of our performance!

Tainted Love

No. It's not what you think! No 80s "Soft Cell". We have adopted the Gloria Jones performance of 1964. Hear Nuwanda in a genuine acoustic performance.