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Der Schatten

    Rocking! Swinging! Show! BigBand!

    guitar god Villwock - rocks every town


    Yeah, it´s a lot of music (Brian Setzer)

    Rockabilly lives on the 21st century and is a melting pot for casual swing, powerful rock 'n' roll, playful jump & jive, intense rhythm & blues paired with a breath of country and a pinch of jazz. The Dirty Orchestra presents itself in a timeless and invigorating performance. One, which is well known to the world to knowledgeable aficionados. At center stage is the eccentric lead guitar and voice of Joachim Villwock, who is the most booked performer and specialist of his genre throughout Germany. He performs over 100 gigs annually!

    A Tribute to the Kings of Rock´n´Roll & Rockabilly-Swing!

    It should be larger than life on stage. (Brian Setzer)

    Utterly cool lead-singing, amazing guitar acrobatics on a semi-acoustic Gretsch, along with a grooving slap base, thriving drums and super intense horn blowing on a high-level scale. Those who are familiar with Brian Setzer and his orchestra know exactly what we are talking about here! Our performance is entirely authentic vintage-style, without digital synthesizers or sequential loops. The musical trio plays along the lines of the Stray Cats is complemented by a 10-man Big Band as well as two magical background voices all of which amount to a stunning performance.



    Whether in town festivals, street parties, jazz days, industry events, club gigs, oldies festivals, motorbike meetings - small rockabilly revival bands such as Dick Brave & The Backbeats proved themselves as the current audience magnets for young and old at each event. In 2012 starts the big giant baby got its' first start under the idiosyncratic "Brian Fetzer" label, but soon changed to its' own "The Dirty Boogie Orchestra" name.

    The time is ripe for the first, one and only Brian Setzer Orchestra Tribute in Europe.

    Orchestra of bandleaders

    backstage - broseArena Bamberg

    Rock and Big Brass Pack!

    It´s so rich, to hear all those horns - but it doesn´t sound like an old record - it´s a modern sounding thing (Brian Setzer)

    The Instrumentalist in the band not only plays the music but they love it also. This claim does not just end with the professional perfection of the show but also in the final audience appreciation. A hardy but refine art form on stage, together with a good feeling and solid entertainment carries over immediately to the viewer.

    Big Band and Rockabilly?

    Good music, it doesn't matter how they called it and how it's constrained by a term or genre, when it's well done, it just good. Technical brilliance and irrepressible joy guarantees the lineup of the DBO. The Bandleader has many options by using musicians of various styles from all over the Rhine-Main area form new musical territory in keeping with the old style. Call it fusion or crossover - or simply a fantastic musical surprise bag! It's just real live music - the way it should be - and after a few seconds of listening to this band the audience will be enthusiastic and ready to celebrate and dance the night away ...

    Velvet Voices - The Dirty Boogie Sisters

    Margit Garbrecht



    Much more than two voices

    The band has great support especially in the background vocals, but our singers also share lead vocal duties when highlighted in our special features. Petra and Margit are our charming ladies in red, and we call them the Dirty Boogie Sisters.

    In addition to powerful songs like "Ring of Fire" and "Let The Good Times Roll" they accentuate the band's soft and gentle side with classics like "Mack The Knife" and Setzer's "You are the boss!"

    Rock This Town Dirty Boogie Tour

    We're gonna rock this town, make 'm scream and shout

    We're gonna rock this town, rock it inside out

    Get ready to the highlights of Brian Setzer Orchesters.  Garnished with orchestral Cream Pies from Elvis Presley, classic rockabilly songs of Stray Cats, Eddi Cochrane und Louis Prima. SwingClassics from Duke Ellington and Glenn Miller sounds more like rocksongs and pop songs you had certainly not expected in our retro rockabilly big band setup.

    An Exzerpt from the playlist - programmatically in the truest sense of these words: Rock This Town, Dirty Boogie, Jump Jive an Wail, A little less conversation, Tainted love, Stray Cat Strut, Let the good Times Roll, Gettin in The Mood, Drive like lightning, Youre The Boss, See See Rider, Suspicious minds, Rumble in Brighton, Highway to hell, Good rocking Daddies . . . . ..


    Hey, you all - Dirty boogie! How's it go? Dirty boogie! Not too slow - When I get low down, it's the dirty boogie for me